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FRIGG - Natural Rubber Pacifier - Pack of 4

FRIGG - Natural Rubber Pacifier - Pack of 4

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These FRIGG pacifier nipples are made with two different materials: Natural rubber latex and silicone.

Natural Rubber latex is a natural material made from a sticky milky fluid tapped from the Hevea tree. The fluid is refined to the brown/yellow rubber you know from your pacifiers; a super soft, elastic, and resilient material very much resembling the mother’s soft nipple.

Natural rubber latex pacifiers should be scalded rather than boiled and replaced every 4-6 weeks for safety and hygienic reasons.

The pacifier is manufactured with a focus on minimizing the environmental impact, which is why the shield is made from PP (Polypropylene): A material with a low environmental impact and made without any waste production.

FRIGG Dummies have either a 100% natural rubber teat. They’re also 100% BPA, PVC & Phthalates free. Babies love the cherry teat design as it mimics a mothers breast, an ideal shape for breast-feeding mothers.

FRIGG dummies have been independently laboratory tested to ensure they meet Australian and European safety standards. (AS2432-1991 & DIN EN 1400). Each FRIGG pacifier is produced with a stretch and vacuum test, and is marked with batch number and size

Our FRIGG Pacifiers are available packs of 4 in sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months.

Available In:

Boy Designs - (2 x blue, 1 x sage, 1 x white) OR (2 x blue, 1 x sage, 1 x fawn)

Girl Design - (2 x rose, 1 x rose gold, 1 x white) OR (2 x rose, 1 x rose gold, 1 x fawn) 

Unisex Design - (2 x white, 2 x fawn)

0-6 Months - Nipple is 27 mm

6-18 Months - Nipple is 30 mm

FRIGG Daisy is available with a nipple in medical grade silicone and natural rubber.

* Silicone is an allergy-friendly material, so is you have latex allergy in the family, you should choose silicone.

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