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Belinda Jane's Doublewrap Organic Cotton Swaddling Wrap - Babygirl

Belinda Jane's Doublewrap Organic Cotton Swaddling Wrap - Babygirl

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Winner of the 2021 Parent & Baby Award for the Best Organic Swaddling Wrap, these Doublewrap design is easy to use every time. It's the only swaddling wrap your baby will need. The Doublewrap™ is one size and comes with a guide for parents and carers to wrap their baby the same way every time. The two-layer design has a fixed inner layer to keep babies securely swaddled, minimising the effects of their ‘startle reflex.’

When your baby is wrapped securely for sleep they are more likely to settle into a dependable sleeping pattern that makes life peaceful for all.

I love you, even more, when you are sleeping!

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