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Frangipani Rent-a-Box - International

Frangipani Rent-a-Box - International

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This Rent-a-Box is for the International Parent who looks for honest brands that support the Slow Fashion Movement.

Reusing outfits is her way to show her baby that she "lives her values".

* Subscribe and receive a bundle of organic pieces suited to your baby's colour palette and size every 3 months. 

If you need the clothes longer than the three month period, return them when ready or when your child has outgrown them.  We will send you another parcel with the next size up.  


3 x Rompers (also known as Growsuits or Onesies)

3 x Bodysuits

3 x Singlets

3 x Tops 

3 x Pants or Skirts

* You will be billed for your first three months when you subscribe.

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Support the circular economy and have your share of organic and ethically made, plastic-free baby clothing at affordable prices.


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