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Jujo Baby Diamond Lace Pointelle Shwrap - Mint

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The shwrap™ is a unique design concept to jujo baby and we are very lucky to be able to stock this product for you.  It is very popular for gifting.

This knitted wrap has sleeves offering an alternative to babies who don't like have their arms wrapped up.   If you are looking for a unique baby gift or that special newborn item that will make life so much easier for Mum - the shwrap™ will certainly do that.

  • Move the baby between the cot, pram or car and keep them sleeping without having to unwrap the blanket. The sleeves keep it attached to the baby making it the perfect travel accessory.

  • By placing part of the blanket section over the shoulder the shwrap™ is a great accessory for discreet breastfeeding.

  • A perfect garment for babies with hip dysplasia. Worn as a cardigan with the blanket section covering the hip cast.

  • We have added a simple button fastening which secures the shwrap for older wriggling babies.

The shwrap™ is suitable for newborn to approx 12 months.

Lightweight knit with a simple cable edge detail.

Machine washable for total easy care.